Davie “Large Animal Hurricane Release Program”

The Town of Davie is accepting pre-registration applications for a Temporary Release Program for large animals beginning June 1, 2011. The Town will open a neighborhood center to serve as holding area before and during a hurricane or natural disaster. In order to qualify for the temporary release program, you must be a Davie resident or your horse(s) must live in Davie.

Once a hurricane warning has been issued, a site located, will open for pre-registered horses only. This site will reopen to retrieve your horses when the winds have subsided to a minimum of 40 mph. You are encouraged to visit the site for yourself before completing your pre-registration form to determine whether you feel it is safer than your current situation. Remember, this turn-out site is for Davie residents or your horse(s) must live in Davie.

The cost for the program is $20.00 per horse. This fee must be included with your pre-registration. Pre-registration forms are available by contacting Bonnie Stafiej, Director of Special Projects at (954) 797-1163, bonnie_stafiej@davie-fl.gov or you may obtain this information on-line. Download your application and other important information by visiting the Town of Davie’s web page at www.davie-fl.gov. Click on Hurricane Info and locate Temporary Large Animal Release Program.


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