Becon-TV and Town Of Davie to launch TV series

The Town of Davie and BECON-TV (Broward Education Communications Network) are working on a new television series called BizBlock, designed to educate and inform microbusiness enterprises and small to medium business owners in and around the Town of Davie. “I am looking forward to our partnership with BECON-TV in providing a wonderful informational TV series that will assist our business owners in being successful.” said Davie Mayor Judy Paul. The Mayor continued, “The community will benefit from the myriad of episode topics pertinent to operating a small to medium business.”

The goal of the series is to provide actionable information that can help small business owners succeed. Each episode will feature business experts and successful business people who can guide others with their expertise. These professionals will share their experiences and offer suggestions for successfully managing and growing a business on a wide variety of topics such as marketing, planning, and selling. The end result will be an idea bank for small business owners.

Town of Davie Economic Development Manager, Peter Tokar III adds, “True economic recovery in our country starts right here at home. Providing assistance to our microbusiness enterprises and small business community is the first step to rebuilding our economy. We need to keep the doors of local business open and encourage local commerce. We are excited to launch BizBlock
with BECON TV and provide valuable tools to local business to help them grow and prosper in this challenging economic climate.”

Episode topics include Dynamic Business Planning, Branding your Business, Management Techniques, Advertising and Marketing and were developed with the expertise and input of Broward County’s Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE). According to Dr. Phyllis Schiffer-Simon, General Manager of BECON TV, “The opportunity to partner with the Town of Davie on this economic development business series is exciting. We hope to be able to present a variety of tools and strategies that small to medium businesses can use to be more successful in a lively video format. BECON TV’s expertise is in educational and instructional programming and this new series is a welcome challenge for our creative team, which includes Debra Hall Greene, Executive Producer.”

For more information about BizBlock, where to watch BECON in your area, and any of BECON’s broadcast or instructional programming, visit or call 754-321-1000. This program is a collaborative effort of the Town of Davie Housing and Community Development Department and the Office of Economic Development and is funded through the Community Development Block Grant (CBDG) program. Town of Davie businesses interested in receiving copies of the series should contact Economic Development Manager Peter Tokar at 954-797-1082. BizBlock is a production of BECON which is owned and operated by the School Board of Broward County and airs instructional programs in all Broward County schools. The show will also broadcast on BECON-TV (WBEC-TV), and is licensed by the FCC to provide noncommercial educational programming to the South Florida community and is available on Comcast Cable on channel 19, DirecTV, Dish Network and AT&T U-verse channel 63 in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties. You can become a fan of BECON-TV on Facebook, watch BECON-TV on YouTube and follow us on Twitter.


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