DRW Testimonial

We received this testimonial yesterday from a new client.  Note that the current issue has only been out for a few days, and that the ad was on page 61 of 64:

“This is Gloria A. (Owner) of HONEY PETS LLC. in Weston. Our reason for e-mail(ing you) is to inform you of our responses from the ad we placed with you. First off if you remember we were very nervous about doing more advertising because we have in the past and had no result, not in DRW but other magazines, coupon books, etc. But this time it was fantastic – in 3 days we had about 25 people walk into our store for grooming, supplies,puppies, etc. We really do appreciate as well your follow-up and sending us the draft quickly, as well as your prices are amazing. Once again thanks for everything.”

People often ask us about ad placement, to which we reply – “We place ads intelligently.”  And here’s the proof.

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