Davie Opposes ‘Unjust’ Sunrise Water Rebates

We received the below from the Town of Davie.

The Town of Davie opposes any action by the City of Sunrise to unjustly provide water rebates to a select few of its utilities customers, specifically only those who live within its city limits.  The City of Sunrise provides water to many residents in Davie.  Those residents are already unfairly burdened with a 25% surcharge that they must pay since they do not live within the City of Sunrise.  This 25% is paid in addition to the 40% water fee hike that was recently imposed on those Davie residents by the City of Sunrise.  Davie Town officials firmly believe that if the City of Sunrise decides to provide water rebates to its utility customers that it should do so in such a manner that does not discriminate against customers who do not live within Sunrise’s borders.  When hearing about the situation, Davie Mayor Judy Paul became extremely concerned. She has crafted a letter which is being sent to Sunrise Mayor Roger Wishner.

“I find it disturbing that Sunrise would even consider such a discriminatory action,” stated Davie Mayor Judy Paul.  “Our residents are already unfairly taxed with a 25% surcharge that Sunrise levies on them.  If Sunrise intends to give their utilities customers a rebate, then it should be equitable across the board.”

Councilmember Marlon Luis, who represents District 4, which is primarily served by Sunrise Utilities, was not pleased to hear about the unjust idea.

“There’s always talk about regionalization, and I support the concept in theory.  But when you see the City of Sunrise doing this sort of thing, then you realize why you like having your own services,” stated Councilmember Marlon Luis.  “My constituents are the ones who would be impacted by this total disregard for fairness and equity.”

Davie officials hope that Sunrise does not discriminate against Davie residents; and that if Sunrise does grant a rebate to the utilities customers, that it is done equitably for all customers.


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