DRW Client Note: Lite For Life’s ‘Sugarcide Prevention Mobile’

Ambulance 004A vintage ambulance is on a nationwide sugar tour to help educate Americans on how to live longer and lose weight, and that tour is coming to South Florida. Despite the national push toward healthier living, the readings on Americans’ scales continue to increase. While some people may turn to fad diets or nutritional supplements for instantaneous results, the weight comes back just as fast the minute the regime is broken.

Jodi and Steven McCarty, owners of the Lite For Life® centers in Boca Raton and Weston, are seeking to change those ways through proven facts instead of quick fixes and gimmicks. On August 17th, the McCartys began educating South Florida residents about their innovative program with the help of Lite For Life’s vintage ambulance, the Sugarcide Prevention Mobile.

“The choice of a vintage ambulance is no accident,“ said Jodi.  “For decades now, sugar has been driving the epidemic of weight gain, Diabetes and other health related issues and, quite frankly, people are going to wind up in ambulances much more quickly unless they realize the importance of stabilizing their blood sugar.  We will have the ambulance onsite at various venues across South Florida to illustrate the importance of blood sugar stabilization in terms of weight loss and overall health,” said Jodi. “It’s our hope that people will see the negative effect excessive sugar consumption can have and will begin taking the first steps toward a healthier lifestyle.”

On September 12th the McCartys and the Lite For Life Sugarcide Prevention Mobile will be at T-3 Fitness in Weston from 12 pm to 2 pm. For more details, contact the McCartys at 954.349.5433.


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