CC’s John Sims: ‘No hi-tech water meters’

DRW Magazine strives to be politically neutral.  We frequently receive press releases from politicians of all stripes, and will include on this blog excerpts from those issued by either elected officials or eligible candidates. We reserve the right to either publish or not publish such releases as we deem fit.

Below is an excerpt from a press release by Cooper City Commissioner John Sims.  For the complete text of his statement, you can contact Commissioner Sims at


Cooper City, FL – Cooper City District 1 Commissioner John Sims released a statement today saying that “Cooper City residents cannot afford to spend an assumed $4.7 million dollars on new electronic residential water meters that will take more than 15 years to recover the costs.”

“Our residents are hurting financially, and many have lost their jobs or have seen their incomes drop substantially. For the Cooper City Mayor and
Commission to even consider spending four-plus million dollars at this time on unnecessary, hi-tech water meters is a travesty and an insult to our
employees, residents and business owners.  We should be looking to cut spending, to cut unnecessary programs and to give back excessive, surplus
revenues to our stakeholders in the form of tax cuts. We should not be increasing discretionary expenditures in a time of economic concern.  I
would question such a large expenditure at this point in time when it is not a priority, who would benefit from the project, and who would lose their
jobs. It makes no sense at all to fully implement this project in our fiscal year 2010 budget”, Commissioner Sims said.


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